I would like to thank the following people for all their help with my site:

  • My sister Nadia for her support, great ideas, and her criticism
  • Ran for putting up the info about the tshirts on the messageboard, and for sending me Moira Peters' design, and for moderating the Eesite messageboard.
  • Greyjoy for bringing chats back to the site.
  • Peter Gibbs (DragonStone) for allowing me to use and moderate his great message board, and for his great site
  • Jeff Martin for helping me with the character descriptions.
  • Hannah Blackburn for supplying me the first picture of A CLASH OF KINGS, English version
  • Christy Price for making me a banner (on my front page)
  • Zweble for correcting some info on the timeline.
  • Markus for correcting some information on this site.
  • Nadia (again) for suggesting the movie page, and finding some pictures to start it, and Jeff Meeker for reminding me to put it up!
  • All of the people who contributed pics to the movie site...They are really great! Keep sending them in!
  • Min for being a great friend and letting me know whats been going on since I was away (from May to August). She was the one who alerted me to a possible messageboard crises, and allowed me to fix it.
  • Ishamael of the Dragonsworn Discussion Forums who allowed me to be the administrator of the section devoted to A SONG OF ICE AND FIRE
  • And of course, George R.R. Martin, for writing this wonderful series, for visiting this site, and for answering all my questions!
  • Will, for correcting a broken link.