I'm Qutting :(

Why? Well, I just finished my first year of Medical School. That was why there weren't many updates during the past year. Second year is supposed to be even more difficult, so I doubt I will have time to do any updates! I'll just be way too busy to give this site the time and attention it deserves.

Such a situation is not really fair to this site, my fans, the books and Mr.Martin. Thus, Ive decided that perhaps I should hand over running of this site to someone who is interested, and who has more time than I do.

If you are interested in running this site, email me at Revanshe@yahoo.com a short paragraph telling me why, what you plan to do with the site, etc.

As the new administrator of the site, you will get complete control. I will email you the necessary information (like passwords, etc). You can update the site as often as you wish, change layouts, and make additions and deletions as your heart desires.

Please, email if you are interested, by July 1rst, 2000. If no one is interested, This site will remain without updates, and will become a graveyard, much like Dragonstone is today :(.