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A Song of Ice and Fire is the fantastic new fantasy series by George R.R. Martin.

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I am pleased to announce that I have handed over the administration of this site to three people: LindaElane, Relic, and Ser Benjen. Those of you who frequent the Eesite messageboards will no doubt recognize these old timers. Good luck to you guys!! The next update of the site will be by them.


  • A STORM OF SWORDS will be available at the end of July! In the UK, that is. For us folks in the US, we will have to wait until October. However, Ive already pre-ordered my copy from the UK. You can also! Go to my order page to find some online UK booksellers.
  • US paperback release of A CLASH OF KINGS has been delayed until September. For those who want a softback version NOW, you can order it from the UK. To find some UK internet booksellers, check out my order page!
  • Martin states that A STORM OF SWORDS will have well over 1000 pages, and it will include new maps.
  • The awesome forum Dragonsworn is back! Right in time for A STORM OF SWORDS also!! Go ahead and post your thoughts, and enjoy the multitude of features.
  • It is confirmed: Martin has a deal with Bantam books to publish SIX books in this series! Book 3 will be called A STORM OF SWORDS, Book 4 will be called A DANCE WITH DRAGONS, Book 5 will be called THE WINDS OF WINTER, and Book 6 will be called A TIME FOR WOLVES. (Martin says that he may change the name of book 6)
  • A number of people have helped me with this site since it started over one year ago. I would like to thank them.
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