Web Sites about the series:

  • Visit Dragonstone ,the first and probably the most comprehensive website about this series
  • Winterfell is another nice site.
  • Harrenhall is also a cool site, with great backgrounds
  • The Denver Science Fiction & Fantasy Book Club has a neat page on Martin, with great pictures and lots of information.
  • Blackthorn is a great site with a unique focus- you can create your own stories about the seven kingdoms using the Storyboard!
  • Kings Landing is an awesome site, with great layouts and looks like the beginning of a great faq!
  • Isle of Faces is great, with a page dedicated to theories.

  • City of Ravens is a nice site also.
  • Westeros is the incredible site hosting the Heraldry of the Seven Kingdoms, So Spake Martin, and a MUSH based on the series.

    Message Boards:

  • The Dragonsworn Discussion Forums

  • The EesiteMessageboard
  • The Legends' Bulletin Board
  • The BlackthornStoryboard
  • The City of Ravens Messageboard
  • Previews:

  • Martin has written a short story set in the Seven Kingdoms.
    Preview "The Hedge Knights."

  • Preview the first chapter from A GAME OF THRONES
  • Preview a Tyrion chapter from A CLASH OF KINGS.
  • Websites about the Author:

  • Learn more about the author, George R.R. Martin
  • Buy books and T-shirts directly from Martin at his Books for Sale site
  • Other:

  • Check out Martin's manuscript for A GAME OF THRONES. You can see the title page, where Martin signed it, and the first page of the prologue.